It’s a dreadful feeling when you find out that your sink or bath isn’t draining as rapidly as usual. You know that you’re going to need to handle it, however it feels better to put it off.

But you are going to have to tackle it eventually. You may select a drain unclogging gel, however the truth is that this will just work in the short term.

If you leave your blocked sink or bath too long, it’s just going to get worse. However luckily, it does not generally take a plumbing technician to sort this problem out.

Follow our guidelines on ways to unblock a sink and you will have yours running back to normal in no time.

1. Make use of the right equipment

Sink unblocking chemicals will not remove the entire obstruction, no matter the variety of times you run different products down your drain. You need to go old-fashioned.

You’re going to need a plunger. They’re easy to use as long as you know how.

2. Make sure your plunger is big enough

Now is not the time to cut corners on quality. Ensure your plunger is big enough and flexible enough to endure the exertion. You’ll find an excellent quality plunger in any Do It Yourself shop.

3. Run some water

If you’re going to unclog a sink, you’ll need to run some water into the sink to let it block. Then put the plunger over the plughole, guaranteeing that there’s some water still left in the sink.

4. Cover the overflow

Do not forget this action. Block the overflow with a damp cloth to trap air. This will make the plunging action work.

5. Plunge

Now plunge for a couple of minutes up till the water drains away like usual. Eventually you ought to release the obstruction and your drain will run like it should.

What happens if plunging doesn’t work?

All is not lost yet. If plunging does not unblock your sink, there is something else you can try.

Unscrew the trap

This might get a bit grim, however it may work. Put a bowl or pail under the trap of the sink, which is the bowed part, and unscrew the pipeline.

As the trap is bowed, you can wind up with all sorts of things obstructed in there. Think hair, food and soap residue. It’s more than likely going to be a bit yucky, but you’ll probably need to pull out a lump of all these things stuck.

Once you have eliminated the obstruction, screw the pipeline back together and you ought to be great to go.

What happens if these do not work?

unblock a sink professionals If these methods do not help you unblock a sink, it might be time to contact the specialists.

A plumber will have the ability to find an obstruction if it’s even further down your pipework. It’s an easy job for them but it might take a bit longer to repair than a standard obstruction.

Expect to pay in between £35 and £65 for a plumber to unclog your sink.

Give these recommendations to unblock your sink and a go and see how you get on.

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